Because service to our customers is the most important thing

We have a strategically located dealer network and the best professionals prepared to meet the most demanding needs.

Garage service

Based on values such as excellence and professionalism, our specialists receive continuous specific training, certified by the brand, and have high-tech tools for assessment and diagnosis, thus ensuring a top-level service for our clients.

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We take into account the whole business of each client and we offer global solutions to help them make the most of their operating time and meet their business goals.


In our garages, the client receives personalized service from our service advisors who provide assistance and professional consulting required by each client.


In Veinsur you will find:


  • Integrated service including mechanic repairs, electricity, bodywork and paintwork.
  • Exclusive technology and tools for diagnosis and vehicle repair.
  • Extensive working hours.
  • Highly qualified professionals.
  • Repairs in case of accidents.
  • Semitrailers maintenance and repair.
  • Tire service.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Consulting


Furthermore, we have a Technical Assistance and telephone inquiry 24 hours:

T. +34 902 24 33 24

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Maintenance and repair contracts

We offer a Volvo Trucks Maintenance and Repair Contract tailored to the type of vehicle, mileage and contract term.

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A service allowing you to balance expenses in order to obtain the maximum performance from each Volvo, and to calculate your profit margin by turning a variable cost into a fixed cost.


MRC range


The Volvo Maintenance and Repairs Contract (MRC) encompasses all of the operations required by your vehicle:


  • Complete service of preventive maintenance.
  • Repairs (labor and original parts).
  • Replacements for wear and tear (batteries, brakes,…).
  • Tow trucks to the nearest Volvo center.
  • 24 hour assistance through Volvo Action Service (900 993 247).
  • Coverage in all European Union countries.
  • Volvo availability insurance, if time in garage lasts longer than expected.


Benefits of taking on MRC


  • Payments are always the same. You can accurately plan your finances.
  • A vehicle maintained by its brand’s own professionals will always have a higher value when replaced.
  • This contract can be cancelled at any time.
  • The client can concentrate on its business being sure that the vehicle is in the best hands. They only need to follow the established maintenance schedules and inform Official Service of any breakdown.

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Volvo action service, VAS

Unforeseen stops or accidents are undesirable situations, but every professional is subject to them.


The Volvo Action Service is the Volvo roadside assistance available by phone. Service will be provided in his/her own language from every place in Europe.

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Thanks to an efficient network including more than 1,000 Volvo dealers and services throughout Europe, Volvo Action Service provides fast and high quality customer support to keep your business running..


VAS coordinators will manage payment through Veinsur, and the invoice will be issued in the client’s language and currency, just as if he/she had been served in our facilities. Ask our experts for this service benefits.


The following are the toll-free numbers for VAS in each country:

AT          0800-298964

GR          0800-3212322

BE           0800-15945

HU         06800-12361

CH          0800-551178

IT            800-878356

CZ           0800-187293

IE            1800-553207

DE          0800-1810300

LU          0800-2560

DK           800-10157

NO          800-11406

ES            900-993247

NL           0800-0225241

FR           0800-907518

PT           800-805032

FI            0800-113202

PL           00800-3211201

GB          0800-929292

SE           020-795827

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Original Volvo spare parts/strong>

Original Volvo Spare Parts are manufactured with the highest quality standards. The design is based on precise specifications and rigorously tested at the development and manufacturing stage, providing a high level of quality, durability and reliability and maximizing the service life of a part, also maintaining the vehicle uptime.

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With Original Volvo Spare Parts, the truck will remain a cost-effective tool throughout its service life.


Volvo spare parts are used parts rebuilt by the manufacturer with the same quality and reliability levels as new parts, thereby offering the same guarantees at a lower cost.

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Electronic billing

The electronic invoice is a legally valid digital document supporting the commercial operations. It replaces traditional paper invoices.

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Instead of a printed document, an e-mail is sent to the recipient with a digitally signed file, which is an exact copy of the original and can be stored digitally or printed on paper. It has the same legal value as the original invoice.


The main benefits of electronic invoicing are:


  • The invoice is received at the same time of issuing.
  • Paper file is avoided.
  • It allows reference and recovery of past due bills.
  • You can send the invoice simultaneously to up to three recipients..
  • It makes modifications and cancellations easier to do.


If you are a registered user, you can manage all your invoices in our portal through a secure and easy to use information system. It allows you to make queries at any time by selecting type of invoice, plates or dates.


To subscribe, you must sign a contract which specifically authorizes the change of system. Please ask the Administration Department of your usual Veinsur Center.

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Digital tachograph download service

Since the implementation of digital tachographs in 2006, the transport company -or the vehicle owner or lessee- is obliged to safeguard data from both the vehicle files and the driver cards files. This responsibility is maintained for 365 days from data registration, observing their order and content.

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When should Digital Tachograph data downloads be made?


  • At least every 3 months.
  • Before the sale or return to the lessor, if leased.
  • When required by public authorities or administrations.When required by public authorities or administrations.
  • When a weak performance is detected.
  • When the business card is returned to the issuing body.


When should the driver card data be downloaded?


  • At least every 31 days.
  • When the driver leaves the company.
  • When required by public authorities or administrations
  • When the card expires.
  • When the card is returned to the issuing body.


At Veinsur we have implemented a system adapted to each need, which allows:


  • Complying with requirements of regular driver card and vehicle data download.
  • Download the tachograph cards and USB sticks in any of our centers, and obtain the relevant reports on the screen.
  • Store all this information on a secure and confidential computer server.
  • Perform downloads through the customer’s own computer and log in the query system without travelling or schedule constraints.
  • View or print driving and rest times, availability, anomalies reports.

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Toll collect

In Germany, domestic and foreign trucks over 7.5 tons are subject to the tolling system on motorways and some national highways.

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Toll Collect developed a tolling system that calculates and collects the toll proportionally to the distance traveled.


This automatic registration system offers many advantages, facilitating the allocation of the amounts to be paid and their corresponding direct debits through satellite signals and other tracking sensors.


This new system aims at collecting accurately and safely the toll, and simplifying and speeding up the procedure. There are several forms of registration, including an automatic form, whereby the distance is automatically recorded through satellite. This requires the vehicle to have a small equipment installed.


As a Toll Collect installer, Veinsur has the technology and experience to install the device in its Volvo truck as safely as possible, configure the equipment and train the drivers on how to operate, carry out new software updates and perform the necessary maintenance.

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Dynafleet management

Transport companies operate in a competitive and very demanding environment, so they look for new ways to improve competitiveness.

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It is essential to have an efficient truck like Volvo, but it is not enough. Additional services and products are required to improve efficiency and add value to daily operations.


The Dynafleet fleet management system is another important step in this respect. Designed by Volvo as a complete transport management solution, Dynafleet helps reducing costs and increasing revenue by providing decisive information for an efficient vehicle use.


Dynafleet is very easy to use. It is an internet-based application, so it does not require any installation, and all the system is integrated with an efficient navigation path, including updated maps and a messaging service.


A Dynafleet user can download the free application on his/her smartphone or tablet through the App Store or Google Play, and use his/her registration data in Dynafleet to start enjoying the benefits that fleet control from anywhere provides.


Benefits for hauliers:


  • Dynafleet simplifies truck and driver planning.
  • It integrates control of routes and times used.
  • It allows greater efficiency and higher incomes.


Benefits for business managers:


  • Dynafleet allows customers to be invoiced when the services are confirmed.
  • It optimizes the driving times of each vehicle.
  • It collects information about truck usage and permits corrections.


Benefits for the driver:


  • Maps can be seen to check the best routes.
  • It eliminates a lot of notes and mobile phone calls.
  • Facilitates compliance with standards and avoids penalties.

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Technical service

At our Volvo Trucks authorized technical service we have the best professionals, with high quality standards and the best mechanical service for our customers.