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Civil liability insurance

Probably the most important policy for a company, because our activity always affects third parties: customers, employees, suppliers … And in many cases, the damage we can cause can be serious. Proper consulting is essential so that all clusters of risk can be controlled. It is possible to cover all company activities, both the main and the secondary activities, within the geographical area where we operate.


To cope with these moments, a business liability insurance policy protecting the client’s personal and business assets – for which he/she struggled hard – is needed.

Civil Liability of Directors and Managers

A policy that has been steadily growing since it was launched. Management positions take on responsibilities for which they are liable with their private assets, so it is necessary to protect them through this D&O insurance policy. The decisions of the administration board affect many economic players and everybody can make mistakes, so it is applicable to both SMEs and large companies.

SME/offices and shops insurance policy

Our property & casualty policy should cover our shop, office or industrial premises, and also the contents within them. Potential consequences arising from accidents that may affect its operation must also be foreseen.


There is additional coverage for daily fixed costs incurred by the company even when it is not operating due to the damages suffered.

Large company insurance policy

Property insurance is designed to cover the risks of large companies. A previous analysis of its activity must be performed in order to define the coverage and their limits based on the particularities of each company.

This type of insurance guarantees any accidental or unforeseen material damage suffered by the assets defined in the policy. It can also cover loss of profits.


An essential insurance that cover the compensation claimed under bargaining agreements, in the event of fatalities in the workplace (based on the number of employees described in TC-2 form). This insurance is compulsory and failure to be insured may attract a high fine; besides, worker’s compensation (in many cases above €30,000) must be paid by the company. Taking on this insurance policy is quite easy: we only need to know the sectorial agreement and the number of workers covered.

Machinery breakdown

The machinery breakdown in full production may involve high extraordinary expenses difficult to bear in certain cases. With this type of insurance and its wide coverage, they provide the necessary peace of mind to operate.

These damages are often very different from those covered in the common guarantees for multi-risk insurance.

Travel Assistance

A fundamental insurance when going abroad for a business trip, especially when outside Europe, to cover the costs related to emergency treatment for employees or managers, any unforeseen medical treatment abroad, trip cancellation, repatriation, civil liability, luggage, etc.


We have been supporting farmers for years with a catalogue of high quality products and tailor-made services. Insurance that guarantees agricultural, forestry and aquaculture production due to consequences resulting from uncontrollable natural phenomena.

Legal defense

El seguro de Defensa Jurídica protege al asegurado frente a los litigios que pueda tener siempre dependiendo de las condiciones que se pacten en la póliza.


Su cobertura principal se basa en los gastos que le puedan surgir al asegurado como consecuencia de su intervención en un proceso judicial, y la prestación de los servicios de asistencia jurídica, judicial y extrajudicial, derivados de la cobertura del seguro.


Están excluidos de esta cobertura el pago de multas y la indemnización de cualquier gasto originado por sanciones impuestas al asegurado por las autoridades administrativas o judiciales.

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