Customized financial

At Veinsur, we provide the client with a wide range of financial products to offer the most cost-effective option adapted to the each business needs.

Tailored financing

Each financing case is unique, and at Veinsur we help you to find the most convenient formula for the client.

As Volvo Trucks dealer, we recommend the option provided by Volvo’s finance company. It provides the client with the entire range of financial products, from the most conventional one to the most innovative one, in order to offer the most cost-effective tailored option.

Volvo’s finance company is dedicated to offering assistance for purchasing vehicles. It doesn’t deal with bank accounts, cards or deposits with conditions. For this reason, the opportunity of making your purchase and managing your financing with only one party can be very convenient and a way to save time. Besides, regulations are applied flexibly and special circumstances are addressed case-by-case.

For some types of financing options, your creditworthiness is allowed to remain the same for other entities, making credit available for purposes related to your business.

Financial leasing

Financial leasing with the option to purchase at the end of the contract, with the final installment equal to the previous ones.

Operational leasing

Financial leasing with the option to purchase at the end of the contract by paying an installment higher than the previous ones as agreed according to model and term, thereby reducing the monthly installment.

At present, VOLVO TRUCKS has agreements with several financial institutions, which means that it can offer this type of financing with manufacturer buyback guarantee.


With the renting you have a vehicle without having to worry about the maintenance costs. Only one monthly installment including the vehicle and the main services needed by each client (vehicle maintenance, repairs, insurance, inspection test, taxes), for the mileage and agreed contract term.

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