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There are different types of insurance and many insurance companies in the market so finding the best product is not easy. Therefore, a good option is to receive consulting from a professional and independent team like ours.


Issues such as comprehensive insurance, third party liability with a deductible, etc. are key when signing a policy. We also cover management when an accident occurs.


Other insurance that is also usually taken out together with the car insurance are travel assistance and legal defense insurance.


The home insurance that best suits the client needs and those of his/her home. Filling out a simple form, our professionals will select the best value for money in the market after comparing and negotiating with leading insurers in the market.


There is a home insurance policy that fits every need, whether one is the owner of the house, or the house is subject to a mortgage or is rented, with the possibility of excluding or adding a wide range of guarantees so that you can customize the policy.


Death insurance may be undesirable, but we must take into account all their benefits. With just a phone call, all the necessary procedures are put in place so that the deceased’s relatives do not have to go through the mourning process while facing paperwork headaches, expenses and inconveniences.


It usually has additional coverage including assistance for the family of the deceased insured person, especially children under a certain age and the companions of the deceased person, if it occurs outside the country of origin.


It’s worth it in order to avoid waiting lists, shorten the healing times thanks to quick assistance and to have a wide range of specialists to choose from. With increasingly competitive premiums, you can choose between an outpatient cover, full coverage or even reimbursement.

Temporary disability

Temporary disability insurance helps to maintain the standard of living of the insured person when they cannot work.


When you are unable to carry out your work as a result of an accident or illness, you need peace of mind of feeling protected by compensation. In the event of sick leave, many professionals (whether self-employed or employees) may see their income significantly reduced, which makes expenses payment difficult during this period and the household economy suffers.

Travel Assistance

When travelling outside Spain, you are subject to requirements of each country’s health authority, including co-payments, both within the European Union (despite the European Health Insurance Card) and especially outside Europe, where you must pay all the expenses in the event of a health emergency. It includes other coverage, such as cancellation for reasonable reasons, loss of luggage and even civil liability.

Legal defense

Claims against large corporations, electrical companies, telephone and Internet operators and even insurance companies are becoming more and more frequent. To protect yourself against annoying neighbors, companies performing poor work, income enquiries, etc,. We have an affordable insurance policy covering the whole family.

Owners’ associations

There is a broad range of policies in the market. Our insurance experts for owners’ associations compare and advise them independently. They offer the best price and the most suitable coverage for each particular case, including coverage for the newly established court fees.

Hunting and fishing civil liability

When taking part in hunting and fishing activities, it is important to have a good insurance policy in order to fully enjoy our hobby and focus on what we really like to do, that is, hunting and fishing. It is advisable to protect ourselves from claims that arise from damages that we cause when taking part in these activities, complemented with optional coverage against accidents and legal defense. We offer an insurance policy that covers the above and other risks associated with the specific tools.

Rental Protection

In recent years, tenant default insurance has become one of the most demanded policies by the owners, who try to protect themselves against tenant default, given the high price and particularly the fact that the tenant does not need to have a frozen amount in a bank, as with the bank guarantees.

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