We are Transintersegur

Because feeling safe is important for everyone and we know it.

Insurance is more than a legal requirement for the haulier, it is a demonstration of professionalism and the most effective means for reducing risks and protecting the estate, so that you can focus on your business without any doubts associated with unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to being experts in transport insurance, we have a large catalogue of professional services to take care of the most valuable things for our client.

Everything begins with a proper insurance adapted to the particular needs of each professional. We have extensive experience in the sector and we are specialists in transport insurance.
We have specialized products for businesses and companies.
Important coverage at competitive prices to cover particular risks.
We count on the professional consulting of our specialists in these complex products.

Insurance must be
what our client needs it to be


Our commitment is to always defend the client interests, being totally independent with respect to the different brands and insurers in the market. This is the only way to guarantee that our insurance offer is the one that best suits each particular case. We are aware that no two cases are the same.

We offer a service designed with the responsibility for being a market leader in the transport world.
We have a specialized team that manages risks in the most efficient way.
We provide a tailor-made, objective and professional service in order to be able to offer only the most appropriate solution.
An effective
We select the best options among different insurance companies in the market to get the right product.
We design insurance solutions to meet particular needs at any time.
Value for
In order to be considered specialists, besides being professional, we must offer the best value for money.

Transintersegur has its own technical, administrative and sales structure. It is registered with the Spanish General Insurance and Pension Funds Directorate (DGSFP) under the number J-2766.

Our facilities

In order to carry out our operations and to offer a wide range of services, we have the best infrastructures to meet the highest requirements.

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