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The life insurance protects the dependants of the insured person. With the adequate life insurance coverage, we will ensure that our children can continue to have financial support for their studies and their future, because it is essential to supplement the Social Security benefits. Thanks to a small personal effort, the whole family will enjoy the well-being it deserves.

Savings plan. PIAS

Individual savings plans, commonly referred to as PIAS, are designed as a hybrid mode between pension plans and insurance plans. It is a long-term savings-forecast instrument that allows for an assured annuity. Premiums are paid to accumulate capital over time, which may be used as a complement to the social security benefits.

Guaranteed Insurance Schemes (PPA)

When we think about the future, we would like to prepare our retirement in the safest way, with a product that provides us with protection against unforeseen events and great tax advantages.


We recommend a Guaranteed Insurance Scheme, a life insurance that guarantees an interest rate throughout its term (depending on the insurer). It is usually offered as the main coverage for retirement. It also allows for the payment of the benefit in the event of death or permanent disability of the insured person.

Pension plans

A private pension plan is felt necessary as retirement brings a decline in income but not always a decline in spending. It is important to take out a pension plan at a young age in order to ensure an adequate standard of living during retirement for proper financial planning for retirement.


Our plans are designed to adapt to each client, to each personal situation, depending on the age, the contribution rate desired, when you want to pay them, your investor profile. They adapt to everyone.

Individual Insurance of Long Term Savings (SIALP)

SIALP is a great alternative to be able to save money, with all the advantages offered by life-savings insurance, with the benefits of the new tax reform which regulates that the obtained yields are fully exempt from tax.


Through small periodic contributions or annual contributions, SIALP life insurance provides the opportunity to obtain a significant final capital to be able to carry out the future projects of each client.

Investment Insurance

We also offer a wide range of investment insurance so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Our specialists provide you with non-binding personalized consulting.

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